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Electric Meters are ugly! Hide them today!

Electric Meter Covers

Electric Meters are ugly!

We've all seen them in front of homes all throughout the city and across the county.   Electric Meters, they are ugly and distracting and your tired of looking at them yet everyone has one stuck somewhere on their home.    You've tried covering them up with paint but that looks worse.   What is one to do?

Finally there is a solution.   Here at COVRProducts we have come up with a clever solution to help you out.   We met with the Electric company's engineers and legal departments to discuss what constraints we needed to meet to satisfy their requirements.   

By the way, they agreed that they look awful and people are constantly complaining about the way they look.   They were excited that we had an interest in coming up with a solution.   We could appreciate that they sympathized with us and our customers and it made working on a solution much more exciting knowing they were rooting in our favor and happy to help us. 

So we set off to working out a verity of prototypes.   We started a housing for the unit which would be mounted over the meter with an opening for servicing the unit.   The meters are read electronically but still, we wanted something simple that looked appealing.   We were inspired by the idea of a planter box to camouflage the electric meter box and then worked its simplest form. 

One issue is that electrical boxes come in a wide verity of sizes and there is no consistency across the US.   The solution was a molded plastic collar that could be fit to the 2 standard electric meter sizes of 5 1/2 or 6 1/4.    Bingo!  this now gave us some options and can give customers a verity of choices of plants to fit their personal choices.    Check out our current selections.    There will be more coming soon.   

We're working on some Gas meter solutions and hope to have them on board in the year ahead.   Thanks for checking us out and we're glad our home will look a bit better, fresher and greener.    Before and After Gallery